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Welcome Owners, Leaders, Managers!

You have weathered the “storm” and now face the
demands of the new economy.

Do you want to get a solution to your most urgent (most critical, irritating, and impossible) business problem while:

Saving time

Saving money

Finding a laser-targeted answer

And, actually getting the results implemented.

Handy business team

How will you proceed? Where do you start to cope with the "avalanche" of changes in a world where yesterday’s answers will not fit the future?

You can use a Company ThinkTank©

Company ThinkTank© is a powerful, highly effective system which uses a specialized, high-performance team consisting of selected members from among your own employees!

  1. Your employees are needed on the team because they
    • Are the ones who know their jobs most thoroughly.
    • Understand existing problems, even if they do not say anything.
    • Bring to the table their various perspectives and differing viewpoints.
    • Already know each other so that it is easier to develop them quickly into a cohesive, cooperative group.
  2. The team will learn to use a focused method of questioning and reflecting dialogue, based on systems thinking, as they generate the right innovation for your situation.
  3. Representatives from all levels of your company form an integral combination with each part communicating frequently, supporting the same vision and goal.
  4. Rigorous documentation
    • Keeps the team on task and
    • Provides your company with a valuable addition to your knowledge management system
  5. "Outside" facilitator/coaches will guide the team, asking challenging questions to free the team of previously held assumptions. This will lead to "thinking outside the box."

The result will be an
immediately implementable action plan
with the expertise and enthusiasm
already in place to put it into practice.

Beyond obtaining a targeted action plan, which of the following ancillary benefits would be of value to you?

  1. You will have a replicable system to build your young talents into leaders who will:
    • Understand your business
    • Be more open to new solutions because they "know the terrain."
      [This will be mega-important to you in the coming war for executive talent]
    • Feel emotional “ownership” in your business
    • Develop interpersonal and team skills
    • Learn to solve problems
    • Evaluate options for decision making
    • Ralize the role of strategy and how to contribute to it
    • Feel that they are valued

    Because strong, focused leadership will make the difference in your future

  2. You improve employee engagement through their:
    • Increasing satisfaction with team interactions
    • Continuing interest in workforce learning opportunities
    • Learning to value accurate documentation
    • Becoming your experts who champion the necessary change
    • Developing an understanding of the role of quality in customer relations and satisfaction, and in their own role in providing positive customer service

    Because enthusiastic, engaged employees are the ones who produce the most work and improve your bottom line.

  3. You reduce employee turnover by:
    • Involving them in the overall strategy of the organization
    • Trusting them to support your goals
    • Making them feel that they “belong,” that their work is meaningful, and that they are working with others who feel the same way

    Because the cost of employee turnover can be staggering and you do not want to pay the price of losing valuable workers.

  4. You will see how you can use the ThinkTank tools in planning on:
    • Growth of improved cross-functional communication
    • Development of cross-functional high-quality teams
    • Your organization’s long-term sustainability as it becomes more agile and able to respond to the next problem – be it expected or unexpected –

    Because there is no end to the challenges of change, is there?

Company ThinkTank© is a "Success Program." It is just one segment of a collection of the strategies, tools, and tactics that improve organizational effectiveness and strengthen leadership skills, while building high-performance teams.

Our ThinkTank facilitators are Dr. Harry Lenderman, The Action Learning Advocate and Dr. Silvia Zsoldos, The Team Wizard.

Silvia Zsoldos

Silvia Zsoldos
The Team Wizard

Harry Lenderman

Harry Lenderman
The Action Learning Advocate

In the formative period of a team it is easy to get stuck in individual differences and dislikes. Tempers flare, time is wasted, and little is accomplished. Company ThinkTank gets through the "Forming" time quickly by focusing on interpersonal relations and communication styles.

One of the tools that we use is the DiSC Classic® personal profile assessment which provides each team member insight into his own preferences and behavior style at work. After understanding oneself, it easier to understand and appreciate others who are different.

Every person has both strengths and limitations. We look for and identify individual strengths because they can be applied to complement each other. This develops mutual communication and reliance and minimizes conflict and stress.

Use of individual assessment tools Complementarity, in turn, permits us to avoid the usual "Storming" time in team development and to quickly move on to the "Norming" stage of agreements on how to do the work. (Who, what, why, when, where, and how?) This way, the team can go directly to the desired "Performing" stage without having gotten lost in a jungle of dissensions.

It is not enough to reach a designated solution. It must also be implemented and you will now have on hand the tools to complete the task and move onto the next challenge.

If you would like to learn more about this process and how it can benefit you, please send for our free article, 11 Benefits of a Company ThinkTank.

We will also provide you with bimonthly e-zines on various aspects of the system.

We also offer a free, one-hour consultation to determine whether we can be of assistance to you, using your own resources.

Should you want to explore this program in person, please call

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